Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

100mm Fixed White Grill
AUD$8.25 AUD$12.10
100mm Gravity Grill White
AUD$8.25 AUD$12.10
125mm Fixed White Grill
AUD$9.68 AUD$14.30
125mm Gravity Grill White
AUD$10.45 AUD$14.30
150mm Fixed White Grill
AUD$12.10 AUD$15.40
150mm Gravity Grill White
AUD$12.10 AUD$15.40
150mm To 100mm Duct Reducer
AUD$14.96 AUD$28.60
200mm Vortice In Line Fan
AUD$225.50 AUD$350.00
200mm Wall Fan - Helios HV200
AUD$306.90 AUD$400.00
250mm Wall Fan - Helios HV250
AUD$372.90 AUD$450.00
300mm Y Fitting
AUD$37.40 AUD$90.00

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